Fish in the greenland

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Fish in the Greenland - Zhichao Zhang

Through the green garden, cats and leaves make all soft.
Cool sprinkles wash away the dullness along the daily road.
You feel breathing the green immersed in the sea over land, like a fish in the air.
With all smooth around, you must see the time old.
Stage, speech, and songs in school, also the orange clouds outside an airplane to somewhere.

Green surrounds home, with Mom and Dad’s warm smile.
Fresh blossoms greet the light of the evening glow.
You feel addicted in swimming around whispery piano solo, like a fish with wings upon shallow.
In a silence coming slow, you must enjoy the time so simple.
Orchids and stars outside the window, also the Space Needle shining over the sky of Seattle.

Away from the crowd, it’s a wonderland, private and dynamic.
I just want to be a fish in this greenland.

A good friend of mine, Prof. Zhichao Zhang, is leaving Berkeley in a few weeks after some months of exchange with our research group. In his last lecture in our group meeting, he showed us a very special poem that he wrote during his “pandemic” time in US. I found it very touching and warm, and decided to share it here. All credit goes to Zhichao. All the best, and see you my friend.